Why employ a designer?

It's simple.

While buying an apartment or building a house, very often we do not think about its functionality. We look at the location, surroundings and most of all, the price, but we do not necessairly think about final colors of the room, or particular type of furniture.

This approach is rational when it comes to buying an apartment or building a house but room design is often neglected – we think that “we will furnish it somehow”. This way of thinking is totally wrong, as we do not realize that the choice of colors, furniture, tiles and floors will determine whether we feel good in the place or not.

We often ignore interior arrangement because we do not want to start additional conflicts with people about to live in these spaces – it is common knowledge that where there are 2 people there are 4 concepts of solving the problem.

Professional designer with developed estheticism can easily reconcile different visions of interior arrangement, and they will also advise step by step what to do in order to make the apartment functional, pleasing to the eye, and the place you long for and come back with pleasure.

The essential element while starting to arrange the place is professional 3D visualization of particular rooms, which shows what the new place will look like in reality.

Some of our project

A picture speaks more than a thousand words.