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GEYSYSTEM3D The new better dimension.

GEOSYSTEM3D Sp. z o.o.
ul. Libowiec 55
44-336 Jastrzębie-Zdrój
NIP PL 633 223 75 34
REGON 368713947
KRS 0000701849
mobile +48 600 139 258
mail mail@geosystem3d.pl
web www.geosystem3d.pl

Meet the team

We are creative professionals.
Team Member


From the beginning of my career I'm working in the 3D sector. It's a passion which inspired me to build a creative 3D team with the same vision.

Piotr Sławik

CEO & Founder piotr@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


This work made me realize that what I do has a meaning, and gives me satisfaction. I want to tie my future career to this subject!

Barbara Sławik

Interior Designer barbara@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


3D modelling interested me because of its potential and amonut of information it provides. Its huge possibilities, dynamic development and job satisfaction convinced me that I want to connect my future with it.

Adam Kuś

Project Manager adam@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


Passion and desire to develop in the new engineering area meant that after almost 10 years of work in the energy and construction industries, I became involved in projects implemented in 3D technology. Why this industry? 3D modeling gives me the opportunity to visualize engineering in both very practical and exciting way.

Adrian Sławik

CAD/BIM Specialist a.slawik@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


From sketches and painting, through a passion for architecture and interior design, and at the same time acquired skills in using 2D engineering tools, up to the potential found in 3D technology. This is a simple shortcut of my professional path. The possibility to transfer imagination images to a tangible three-dimensional is for many the call of the future, which together with the team we create today.

Magdalena Szczerbiak-Śmietana

CAD/BIM Specialist magdalena@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


I was interested in 3D modeling already during my studies as an innovative approach to presenting data about objects. It allows you to give information in an accessible, orderly and precise manner - easy for further processing in the investment process. Currently, I have managed to combine my professional work with my interests, thanks to which I do what I like!

Szymon Szotek

CAD/BIM Specialist szymon@geosystem3d.pl
Team Member


From traditional inventory: with a sheet of paper, pencil, ruler and rangefinder, through 2D drawings based on a point cloud - to 3D modeling in Revit. They say the sky is the limit, then clouds certainly are not - and certainly not point clouds. It is not known what new technological solutions will bring, I will certainly remain vigilant, because I associate my future with this industry.

Emil Kłosek

CAD/BIM Specialist e.klosek@geosystem3d.pl

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